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:: The Basics
Age: 19

Ethnicity: White

City, Region: London, Ontario
Country: Canada
Sign: Pieces
Gender: Male
Weight:80 pounds soaking wet
Build: narrow
:: Life Style
Style: Wigger Twink
Status: single
:: Who I Am

What's good niggas? This is your nigga Justin, up here looking for some cool-ass niggas like myself. I'm just your regular nigga, I like doing nigga shit, going to nigga functions, eating nigga foods, watching nigga movies... yeah, yo' nigga was locked up for a little while, the police can't stand to see a nigga out here doing good... but it's no thang... they can't keep a good nigga down for long.







:: I Am Looking For
Big, football player/plantation fieldhand-built dark-skinned tops with freakishly large genatalia... Like huge, just thick, long, "Do you have a medical condition" type dicks...