What Are Stan Wars?

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What is a Stan?

A stan is an overzealous and overly devoted fan of a particular celebrity. The word “stan” is derived from the Eminem song of the same name.

A hater is like a stan, but a hater is overly devoted to being excessively negative and degrading to a particular celebrity.

Stans will spend all day looking for news and videos because they want to know everything about their favorite as it happens.

Haters will spend all day looking for news and videos to leave negative comments because the whole world needs to know just how much they hate somebody.

“Stan” and “hater” are largely subjective terms. Contrary to stan delusions, in order to be “hated on” you must be currently doing something

worth hating on. (It’s not about what you could be doing or what you used to be doing.) Also, you can’t go start shit with stans, have them attack you and your favorite artist, and call that “hate”. The hate must be organic, not as a response to you being a troll.

Some stans also believe that anything less than ass-kissing is hate.

What Are Stan Wars?

Stan Wars In 140 Characters Or Less:

Someone I don’t know has sold more records than someone you don’t know; therefore I am better than you.

An Extended Explanation of Stan Wars:

Stan Wars are an internet conflict in which groups of overzealous fans (stans) argue with other groups of stans. This is done hour after hour, day after day as if they are getting paid for it. Although stan wars exist in all facets of entertainment (sports, television, movies, etc.) this site deals specifically with the most brutal and bloodiest stan wars ever… female pop star stan wars.

It should be noted that the word stan when used on this site refers to those who engage in stan wars on the Internet, and moreover those who start stan wars. It is not targeted towards people who simply want to socialize with other stans without being negative for no reason. I am aware that not all stans start trouble. Some people actually stan for more than one artist. Some people are actually able to have positive and negative opinions but not go around to message boards, blogs, and YouTube starting trouble or trying to impose that opinion on other people.

This site is not for them.

Why Are Female Pop Star Stan Wars So Deadly?

Stan wars exist in all genres and in all fields of entertainment. Stan wars include males and females of all races, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds. But at the core of pop music stan wars you have three groups who refuse to be denied: teens, tweens and queens.

When you mix ignorance, tang, hate, illiteracy, shade, inflated Wikipedia record sales, and Photoshop you have a highly combustible combination that has engulfed message boards, blogs, and social networking sites all across the Internet. If I posted a poll, which asked “Who is The Queen of Pop?” I would probably get 84 different answers. In stan wars, stans spend hours each day battling back and forth as if the prize at the end is some trophy which says that the bitch you stan for is the Queen of the Pop.

There is no absolute Queen of anything because it’s all subjective and each artist defended has strengths and weaknesses. Every artist defended and attacked in stan wars has had a flop single, or an album that didn’t meet expectations, or a poor-selling tour date, or a personal crisis. Yet we go back and forth as if one of these artists flawless and the others aren’t.