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Content Advisory

The following content was created during the pre-Woke era.

Because stans had not figured out that they could turn other people’s misery into memes, performative indignation and moral grandstanding didn’t hold the same currency in stan culture as it has today.

Because we were allowed to laugh rather than turn everything into a petition, the content below may include the following offensive content:

  • Generally problematic language
  • Favorable references to people that Twitter has told you to hate
  • Unfavorable references to people that Twitter has told you to love
  • And (most offensively of all) out-of-date sales stats related to your fave 

We understand that one of the cornerstones of current pop culture consumption is the belief that our perception of things in retrospect is far more important than how they were experienced in real-time. However, please know that at the time of publication, stans and homosexuals had a pretty hearty cackle.

Blah, blah, we’ll try to do better. Blah, blah, each one teach one. Blah, blah, let’s keep the conversation going. Blah, blah you didn’t come out of your mother’s cooch talking like the Teen Vogue twitter account, so who are you to judge me?

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